Ronnie Chu, M.D.

“As a healthcare professional, our goal is to provide the best quality care for our patients. MedWorks has been a huge asset in achieving that goal. MedWorks personnel are always professional and strive to attain the best for our patients. They are always willing to work with us, and our patients have given us positive feedback in their experience with this company. We have a great relationship with MedWorks.”

Jan Glaze, MBA-Practice Administrator
Cardiology Associates of Montgomery, P.C.
Montgomery, Alabama

“We have had a business relationship with Medworks now for over ten years. We have never been disappointed- not in staffing, service or quality. Medworks has an integrity value system along with quality products. They do not just sell their products, they build committed, long-term business to business relationships that a company can count on.”

Brahmesh Siva, M.D. Cardiology
Rush Health Systems
Meridian, MS

“As a busy Cardiologist associated with a large healthcare entity, I insist any professional services we provide our clinics to be the best possible solution available. It is essential that our nuclear cardiology studies be performed correctly and competently the first time. MedWorks has consistently provided quality imaging services that I, our patients, and referring physicians demand. Their staff is courteous and professional, and have always provided an excellent, efficient service in all clinical sites served. Using MedWorks for cardiac imaging allows us to provide the utmost care and convenience to all patients, no matter where they may be located.”