Nuclear Cardiology (Mobile)

MedWorks Nuclear Cardiology solutions provide everything you need to offer complete nuclear cardiac imaging services in your practice, diagnostic center, or hospital. The combination of superb mobile cardiac cameras, highly trained technologists, and MedWorks’ expertise allows you to offer your patients excellent diagnostic imaging services. Partnering with MedWorks will provide added convenience to your patients as well as increasing the bottom line to your practice, clinic, or facility.
Our Mobile Nuclear Medicine Services Include:

Mobile Nuclear Medicine System

    • State-of-the-art Digirad dual-head nuclear cardiac cameras, which were developed specifically to meet the needs of office-based nuclear cardiac imaging
    • Moves easily in and out of an 8×10 exam room, and can fit in a 7×9 room if needed
    • Imaging room or area goes back to patient use after the camera is removed at the end of the service day
    • Maintained and serviced by dedicated MedWorks-employed, manufacturer-trained service engineers

    Stress EKG Equipment
    • Portable stress EKG unit rolls in and out of the office on each day of service
    • Treadmills available if the practice does not own one.

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Nuclear and Cardiac Imaging (Fixed-Site)

If space is not an issue, MedWorks can provide fixed-site General and Cardiac Imaging to your facility or clinic. While still providing the quality features listed above for Mobile Nuclear Cardiology, MedWorks will install a complete fixed imaging system in place of the mobile Digirad camera. This still allows for Cardiac Imaging but also adds expanded imaging capabilities such as:

• Bone Scans
• Hida Scans
• Renal Scans
• WBC Infection Imaging
• Gastric Emptying Studies
• Thyroid Imaging
• Parathyroid Imaging
• Others as requested

General studies are interpreted by a radiologist of your choosing, or you may utilize one of the many radiologists that MedWorks currently has on license. Cardiac Imaging studies may be interpreted by a certified cardiologist or radiologist.


MedWorks brings the combination of quality ultrasound imaging systems and highly trained and experienced sonographers right to your hospital, imaging center, or private office setting. Experience total control over your patient exams and imaging protocols, as well as final and preliminary report formats. Our mobile ultrasound solution generates new revenue streams for our clients and flexible scheduling for the patients.

MedWorks Ultrasound Imaging Services:
• Utilize a complete collection of ultrasound imaging services, including cardiac, general, and vascular imaging
• Are provided in a standard exam room
• Are offered for half or full days, one or more days per week, bi-weekly or monthly

•2D and 3D Echo

Vascular and General
• Upper and Lower Venous and Arterial Imaging
• Segmental Pressures
• General (Thyroid, Renal, etc)
• Complete Abdominal Imaging

Dedicated PACS system for viewing images and reports, archival, and report generation.


Temporary and Vacation Coverage for Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound

• Call us now for scheduling vacation coverage. We will also make every effort to cover emergency and last minute staffing requests, however our schedules fill quickly. Coverage can be arranged months in advance, so if you have personnel planning a vacation call us now.


MedWorks can provide consulting expertise for new projects and expansions such as (but not limited to):
• Imaging Centers
• Full coach mobile diagnostic and health fair endeavors
• Radiation Safety and Radioactive Material Licensing

Lab or Site Accreditation

•Accrediting your Nuclear Medicine lab can be a time-consuming (and sometimes frustrating) activity. Understanding, developing, and implementing the infrastructure in your laboratory to meet ACR and ICANL standards and guidelines is essential to the accreditation success. MedWorks can greatly simplify the process and help you achieve accreditation for your clinic or facility.

Billing Services

•Partial or full practice billing services available

Nuclear Lab Management

•MedWorks can supply management services for your nuclear lab, to include staff, on a part or full time basis

Practice Management

•Full, part-time, or consulting practice management services are available

Nuclear Cardiology (Mobile)

Registered Nuclear Medicine Personnel
• Professional, courteous, and registered technologists blend into your clinical atmosphere
• Technologists adapt to your clinic to maintain a smooth, seamless operational environment
• Staff provide the utmost in patient care and quality diagnostic imaging

ACLS Certified Stress Personnel
• Preps patients for treadmill and pharmacological stress
• Monitors patients during stress portion of test

• Dedicated PACS system for viewing images and reports, archival, and report generation.

Radioactive Materials License and Radiation Safety Officer
• Utilization of MedWorks’ Radioactive Materials License for mobile nuclear medicine sites
• Completion of Radioactive Materials License for fixed sites and for consultation

Nuclear Licensing and Image Interpretation
• Partnerships with local physicians who are “Interpreting Physicians” and “Authorized Users”

Billing Expertise and Training
• MedWorks team spends time in your practice prior to startup to review billing procedures and proper coding
• Training is supplied prior to startup to include all forms, paperwork, etc.

All Necessary Information Included in Site Manual
• We will work with physicians and staff to establish an optimal schedule
• The custom schedule will allow for optimal quality imaging while maximizing patient comfort and throughput
• A complete site manual will be customized for your facility, complete with all forms, patient information, superbills, etc.; basically everything needed to get started
• Patient education information is provided to ensure your patients thoroughly understand the nuclear medicine procedure and preparation

• MedWorks will work with your practice to ensure courteous services and maximum throughput for your facility

• MedWorks follows the ASNC and ACR guidelines to ensure your lab is of the utmost quality
• MedWorks will perform all paperwork and testing to allow accreditation through the American College of Radiology (ACR).